Clicking this www.BannerBooks.com banner elsewhere, for now, on the web leads to an outdated / and out of print edition of "Code:" that is being replaced by a newer, just released "Code-" intelligence update. Click instead on the 75th Pearl Harbor Memorial Edition cover to read Chapter One in a new fixed page easy read PDF format.

This actually is a test screen to see if...

...You can load, and flip pages with a flick of a finger, or click a mouse, on your screen. And more importantly, read without interference a E-FGHI Book Format that uses Adobe Postscript classic typefaces that respect 500 years of publishing tradition.

E-FGHI Book translates to "Electronic - Fixed Graphic Hybrid (also designed for printing on paper) Internet Book. The "so sad" part is when dealing with an exploding "free" E-Pub Vanity Press offerings for a smaller screen that content creatives and bonafide book reviewers abhor.

Ironically, the momentary search for a 99¢, or free 'best seller' that takes advantage of an independent author with big dreams, really is in need of valid (disappearing) newspaper reviews, such as the www.BannerBooks.com CO-OP (among others) is working on to fill the void of newspaper reviewers who were known for their professional writing skills.

The BannerBooks.com CO-OP Editorial Board of published writers wanting to help one of the loneliest of professions of being a content provider has commented on CODE-Yellow Chrysanthemum, and other literary efforts accessible by one "click purchase."

Part of our success competing for Internet eyeballs has been the independent placement of BannerBooks Banners across Adsense websites that really fit a potential buyers interest.


Given that the Internet can be helpful in marketing the independent local bookstore — something the New York Times books reviews champion — getting through the blue cigar smoke of the backroom boys, the mission of BannerBooks.com is a mutual pathway for creative individuals in search for supporting our First, and Fifth Amendment Due Process Rights. For a free sample of their royalty-free printing abilities, go to DiggyPOD.com (an unpaid for, unauthorized link that I hope will become a network member of the CO-OP) to request their handy sample book that has 37 pages of the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, with Amendments.

A Magazine headed for publication as a book

And here is the Independent BannerBook.com Freedom Banner that showed selling directly through a PayPal reported connection has a little more accountability in actual day-to-day web stats page views for plain old niche´ publications ROI for investing an incredible amount of concentrated effort.